ORIGINS: Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask.

Hey guys! I just wanted to share a product that worked for me when I was having a really bad reaction over the summer. During the summer 2016 I had a really bad break out/reaction on the left side of my face. I know I have Eczema but I had never seen anything like this on my face before. As I tried to figure out what was happening to my face I was also running into stores to find something to put on face. I ran into my friend Jackie who was working at Macy's and she put me on to the Origins brand. I'd seen the brand before but I didn't think it was for me, turns out they've been the biggest help to my skin. Yay Origins! She gave me a sample of the "Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask" and told me how to apply it. I went home and kept up with a regimen and before I knew it Origins cleared up my bad reaction. I will post photos below of the weird reaction that took over my face in 2016.

I'm glad that I gave Origins a shot because they really came through for me big time! I wish I had better pictures of the acne but these are the best I could find. Like I said my face has never reacted like that but I believe it's apart of getting older and what you eat. So make sure you pay attention to your body in general. 
1. Make sure your face is clean
2. Apply the mask ONLY to the part of your skin that needs it. In other words where the acne is that's where you put it. 
3. It does not need to go all over your face, I'm pretty sure nothing bad happens if it does but disclaimer I told you not to do it. lol 
4. Leave on for about 10 min
5. Rinse then moisturize 
6. Only apply the mask once a week, if you have really bad acne apply it twice a week
7. Make sure to keep up with it.

Thanks for stopping by I will have more beauty tips as time goes on. God Bless & #Lovebetter 



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