Puerto Rico: Fringe Goes With Melanin.

Hey everyone! I'm back from Puerto Rico and I'm feeling much better. Most of you don't know but I got sick my last 3 days and it carried on for the next 2 weeks. I'm just now starting to feel better so I'm feeling a little bit better about life lol. I won't bore you with the details but here are some pictures of my fringe outfit and needless to say I was feeling myself , when I grabbed this out my closet I was so excited because I never thought I would find a place to wear it. But I knew I was supposed to wear it somewhere Tropical like Puerto Rico.  You might be able to see it but I have my white bathing suit on underneath so when we got to the beach I could shed my skin and L I V E.  Can we also talk about the fact that I actually don't know where I got this fringe dress from, it's one of those things that was brought to my house from one of my mom's friends and I discovered it and kept it. TGIKI = Thank God I Kept It. haha I just made up my own acronym, check me out. Alright I'll be done, Enjoy the pictures. God Bless & Love Better

God Bless & L O V E B E T T E R <3



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