Sunglasses & Melanin

Hey Guys! I'm back with another blog post, I'm working on being consistent with my blog and trying to post more frequently. With that being said check me out with my 2 blog post a week. haha! ANYWAYS can we talk about this weather that we've been experiencing in Boston, like c'mon. I love Boston it is my home and I will rep it until I die, but this weather is so bipolar. Sunday (4.16.17) was a summer day and by Tuesday I'm wearing my winter coat again because I was soo cold. I'm not even a fan of summer but I am a believer of it's going to be a certain way then be it all the time, like don't tease us with a summer day and then go back to being miserably cold, BE CONSISTENT! Today I shot with photographer/Videographer named Jeffrey and it's funny because we actually went to school together. If you would like to see more of his work follow him here: 

So did you notice my awesome pair of shades? First of all I love purple, and secondly I am obsessed with the design of these sunglasses. Now normally I'm not big on sunglasses but in the last year I've been getting on the wave to the point where I have a small collection. If you're wondering where I picked up these sunglasses I purchased them from a Boston based sunglasses boutique called "Solar Flair Optics" the owner's name is Scott and he's been in the sunglasses game for a while. If you're ever in Boston and you should check out his live boutique, not only is his collection awesome but the price is right. I bought my for $20! Follow Scott's social media to keep up with great finds: 
I hope you enjoy the photos ! God Bless & LoveBetter 



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