Hey guys it's Thursday and the week is almost over. I hope you guys got a chance to check out my mini spring look book on my channel. If you didn't then I'll post the link below. This look was included in it so you didn't catch it on the channel here it is now.
Okay so let's talk about this hair, I am soo happy that this hairstyle popped into my mind because I was running out of ideas. My marley twist were starting to look old and worn down in the front and I didn't want to just put a scarf over it. So what I did was use my knowledge on making buns with added hair and I just thought to myself why couldn't I do the same thing with my marley hair? TADA! here is the look and it looks like a bow. (That part wasn't planned) if you want to know how I achieved this look with marley twist in just leave a comment in the comment section.
BELOW you will find 3 things: 
1. More photos of this outfit
2. The link to my channel to see the look book! Please SUBSCRIBE :)
3. Lastly the outfit details
here we go...

Top: H&M
Jeans: Forever 21
Slides: Rainbows
Catbag: H&M ($10!)



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