Maybe I use an Umbrella for the Rain, Maybe I Don't

Happy Thursday! In the spirit of the weather here in Boston this week, I figured I should post something from a sunnier day. This week in Boston it has rained everyday and my mood was gloomy and sad. Although my mood has been a little off, I've had a good week. I went to a job interview about a job I am really excited about, conferences with my student's parents have been going well and I really feel like I'm making an impact on a child's life,my hair has been flourishing  and I'm noticing the new growth; and last but not least IT'S PAY DAY tomorrow! lol Even though it's pay day tomorrow my whole check will be gone by the end of the day because well bills are due. So I won't have any money to buy some new boots or clothes so I'll have to focus on the times I had clothes lol. So here I am with a new blog post, let's focus on this outfit. Outfit & Makeup details below: 

- Dress: Primark
- Shoes: Forever21
- Umbrella $1.00 store Downtown 
Purse: My Momma lol

- foundation: Black Opal Beauty
-Concealer: Bare Minerals 
-Lips: Milani
-Contour & Highlight: Black Radiance Beauty
-Mascara: Maybelline 

Until next time God Bless & LoveBetter xoxo 



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