Going Out Natural Makeup Look


Hey beauty lovers I'm back with another post and I've been feeling really good about this last makeup look I did. Not only were my real lashes cooperating that day but the false lashes looked amazing on me! Not to toot my own horn but "TOOT, TOOT" lol. I haven't used fake lashes in a while so I  was very impressed with how I applied them. Also can we talk about how good this photo looks? I've been really impressed in the person I am becoming and I am loving how independent and self made I can be as well. I'll get into that in a different post but, let's talk makeup. First let me say I created this evening natural makeup look, because I was going out to socialize and I thought why not throw on a little makeup. In doing that I like to point out that just because you're going out doesn't mean you have to get full GLAM! I'm not a glam person when it comes to makeup anyways, so I had to do something to make my natural look pop a little. 
So my way of making my look pop was to add these beautiful KISS lashes ( you can buy kiss lashes just about anywhere CVS, TARGET, WALMART etc) I find that my makeup looks better and better when you take your time and when you apply specific techniques. In this look I use my normal everyday makeup products listed below: 

* Bare Minerals Concealer:
 * LA GIRL PRO - Warm Honey 
Maybelline Fit Me - Mocha  

*Contour: Black Radiance Beauty Contour Palette
 * Bronzer: Black Radiance Beauty -Ginger Snap

*AND LAST BUT NOT Least K.I.S.S. lashes 

 * I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup look, and I also have the video on my YouTube channel below: 

LINK: LoveBetterxo

* * God Bless & Love Better xoxo <3 



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