Thanksgiving Slay. It's Time to Eat!

Gobble Gobble! It's Thanksgiving and even though it's probably not the best holiday to celebrate in Black tradition we usually make a ton of food and fellowship with one another. I took this opportunity (like any other time) to practice makeup and I was very surprised with what I came up with.
This is my Thanksgiving 2017 Slayyy! I got lashes on and everything lol, I thought I was doing something today. I loved having the orange on my eye because  I didn't want to do a typical brown, because of the harvest time, so I kicked it up with some orange instead. I will be listing the makeup products I used below and I also have a video to go along, so you can see how I got this slay! I hope you all enjoy, God Bless & LoveBetter xoxoxo

- foundation: Black Opal - au chocolate 
- concealer: Bare Minerals 
- Contour: Black Radiance 
- Lippie: Jena Taylor 
- Highlight: Maybelline Chrome 
-  Setting spray & primer: E.L.F 
-Eyeshadow: Morphe 35B Palette 



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