The Real Beginning of Fall

Hey everyone it's starting to look like fall and I couldn't be more excited. These are my favorite seasons, fall & winter mostly because of the fashion and because the air is crisp; oooh and also my skin is sooo much better in the colder weathers. I hope everyone is feeling in the fall spirit because I have a whole closet of coats that I am dying to wear lol. But let's get into this outfit, I grabbed this sweater during a deal Charolette Russe was having which was buy 1 get one free! Meaning I bought the more expensive sweater (which you will see in a later post, it's white) and got the other sweater for "free". This skirt I believe is also from Charolette Russe I don't know why people sleep on CR because they have some great finds, I always get very lucky in their store. My shoes are from good ole' Primark, they built one here in Boston almost 2 years ago and its a big success from where I'm standing. I also find reasons to go into Primark because they are constantly always switching things around; so the things you saw yesterday will be higher up in the store because they are making room for new stuff. I paired my shoes with some black socks (though I don't think everyone will be able to tell that lol) just to give it a more fun balanced look. And of course I wore my beautiful type 4 natural hair in a mohawk style (I tried something new because I never usually style my hair) I hope you enjoyed this outfit and me ranting, keep coming by to see fall fashion. God Bless & Love Better xoxo 



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