See ya later, AlliGATOR

Yes it's an expression but it's also an experience, one of the experiences I enjoyed while in Miami last week.

First of all let's start off with MIAMI WAS AWESOME, I didn't get to do everything I wanted  but I was glad that I was able to get away and have some fun. Going to the Everglades was easily one of the coolest things I've done in a while and I actually got to hold an Alligator. BTW just a quick PSA (I forgot his name) let's just call him Mike mentioned that an Alligator is completely different than a Crocodile not just in appearance but in behavior as well. I say that because Mike stressed that you shouldn't get those confused. BUT ANYWAYS ON WITH THE FUN.. Here we go...

FIRST thing to know, we booked our tour with "" which at first when I went on the website I thought it looked like a scam but it wasn't, we only paid $78 in total for 2 people. This tour was 4 hours and it included the ride to the Everglades on a double Decker bus, the 30 min tour of the Everglades and lastly a 30 show/presentation of the animals that live on the glades. What we quickly learned was that we paid for a ride to the Everglades when we could have driven there ourselves, but no sweat just make sure when you're looking to book your tour of the Everglades try to find the one that gives you the most time; because the Everglades is split into 3 sections. (we only saw 1/3 and would have loved to have seen the whole thing)

First thing when you get off the bus you are greeted by these two gentlemen lol. They both found me attractive and thought I had a winning smile but obviously we all know you can only have one lover at a time so I chose this guy . . .
lol jk, :-P

Then I tried on a few hats from the gift shop, if you're wondering why I have a number 10 on my shirt it's because that is our group number, not the rating scale for how good I look. lol .. sorry JK. I'm really bad with jokes, (but I'm like my dad so I still crack them anyways) ALSO the gift shop does have food so if you thought you were going to starve on the Everglades, you're not. Unless you like me and you don't like hot dogs and burgers you just might starve. sorry...

I'm only showing you this photo to let you know that behind me there is a waiting /picnic area it's very cute. We had a 30 min window to browse the area before our tour started, you could use that time to eat, buy things from the gift shop and even look at one of these...

Now that you have all the general information ON TO THE EVERGLADES !!

I found the Everglades soo beautiful its a shame that its not going to be here forever. 
I found the Everglades soo beautiful its a shame that its not going to be here forever. I really enjoyed learning about the Everglades our tour guide was very amazing. I've never been on an airboat so I really enjoyed that as well. I may or may not have small video down below of us speeding through the Everglades. If not the part 1 of the vlogs will be up soon. 

see you on the next post, see ya later alligator!  



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