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Good afternoon lovers I'm back with a new fashion post. Just a quick life update I am currently in class while I'm writing this blog post. I'm in my Gender in Literature class and I really love learning how society continues to enforce these stereotypes of how men and women are "supposed to be. Truthfully I believe any human being can possess any trait that is true to their individual person. I really enjoy this class because it talks about gender in literature in so many different ways and every lesson I take something new home.
* Keep reading to get the outfit details:

But lets get into this outfit starting from my shirt, I bought it from Primark for less than $10
The skirt is from H&M and I believe I paid between $10-20 for it. It's considered a pencil skirt  and it hugs my body really nice. You can also zip it down or up as high or low as you want (I opted for half way)
My shoes are from Charolette Russe and I know I caught them on sale, just because I know how I am. If you read my blog enough you know I am a bargain shopper lol. 
Lastly my this blazer just showed up at my house, I never went out and brought it and kinda came out of no where. lol but I'm glad it did. I really enjoy blazers because you can style them in so many ways in this look I wanted a bit of business casual, mixed with a little sexy. Of course if I was going to wear this outfit in a corporate setting  I would change the skirt and the shoes to a closed toe. This outfit is more inspired by if I worked for "POISE" magazine from the movie "The Devil Wear Prada" lol if you've never seen this movie WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?! If you haven't watched the movie you should, this is totally something she would wear. 

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