School is much better in my Velvet Shoes


Good Morning everyone! I'm back with another blog post and today I'm going to be talking about school. I feel like the Christmas break gets shorter and shorter the more you go to school. For the ones who don't know I am in school obtaining a degree in Communications and I really enjoy the information I've been learning so far. This semester I will be a part time student because I am still working a full time job, so the days I go to school I want to look nice. THINK ABOUT IT I work a full time job and I work with kids so there's no point in dressing up because your bound to get dirty. My weekends are dedicated to creating content so I never really have time to get dressed up so I mind as well take advantage of my school days where I can look nice. With that being said lets get into this outfit because it is still winter friendly if you do it the right way lol. 

Okay let's start with my crop burgundy sweater it's a set but I only wore the top, I got it from H&M maybe 2 years ago. The jeans are also from H&M and I brought them at the beginning of last year so it's almost their one year anniversary! lol is that even a thing? Having an anniversary for a piece of clothing? if it isn't a thing I just made it a thing now. The mesh stockings are from Primark (clearly you can see I love Primark) and lastly my velvet platform sneakers are from drum roll please....PRIMARK lol I literally brought them 2 weeks ago for $10!!!! If you haven't figured this out about my I am a bargain shopper I do not believe in paying more than what I think an item should cost. I was raised by my mother and now she gets on my case because she says I'm too cheap but you're the whole who made me that way!! So what exactly do you want from me?!! 

I forgot to mention but I also have on a fur vest from H&M as well I believe I paid $40 for it. I know you can't tell that I have it on because of the way I'm posing but I promise you it's there. I know it's cold outside but I wanted to still be fashionable and edgy while still being prepared for the cold weather. How do you think I did? If you guys enjoyed this "Back to School" look please comment down below or share this post post with the caption #Lovebetterxo 

*CHECK  out that Milani liquid lipstick popping on my lips * 

$10 @Primark 

I hope you enjoyed! See ya next time


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