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Can I just say that I am growing  frustrated with winter. The crazy thing is I love winter and the colder months in general but yesterday was disrespectful.
 It was soo cold outside I cancelled all my activities for the day lol. Call me dramatic if you want to, but when I was taking these photos for the blog I found a new level of disrespect, we had to quickly take the photos and then run back into the house because my limbs began to freeze instantly. You're probably thinking "well maybe if you had some clothes on you wouldn't feel so cold" and I totally agree with you but this outfit was purely for the sake of the blog. I had to come through some new looks. So let's get into it, my hair started out completely different than what it looks like now. It took me 30 minutes to slick my hair back and it was the only thing I had accomplished that morning for a while lol. Later I got into my makeup and outfit.

Who can spot the triple Burgundy in this outfit? I'll give you a hint all 3 are from the waist up lol. There's really no way for me to measure the time so here are the 3 forms of Burgundy, my shirt, my lip color and if you look closely my fur. Thanks for playing lol. 

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