It's Almost Summer!

heyyyy y'all! How is everyone ? Comment below to tell me how you're feeling today.  Summer is literally 1 day away and I want to know if you guys will be keeping up with summer trends. If so which ones will you be wearing? I gotta brush up on my summer trends and I'm actually thinking about creating a summer look book. The last couple of days in Boston have been soo nice & hot so here's  a look that is appropriate for the summer days. 

 When I think about this look I feel like it gives me summer date vibes, what do you think?  I like that the top and the skirt are not organized, as much as I love matching sets I also thrive off of "things that don't go together" I'm using the quotation marks because sometimes I think people are comfortable with the idea that outfit pieces have to match and I however are very comfortable with the fact that some pieces do not have to; in fact I do it on purpose lol. I really hope you get what I'm trying to say and obviously it's no diss to anyone, matching sets are awesome. But in this look I wanted to  try something new so let's break down this outfit shall we? 

My top is from Forever 21 and my skirt is from Forever 21 as well. My hot pink clutch is from Charlotte Russe I brought it for less than $10, and my watch is from River 
Sunglasses are from @SolarFlairOptics on Instagram and my earrings are from Forever 21. I decided to wear my hair half up half down because I'm wearing a small top so I wanted to make sure my hair was out of my hair, but if you wanted to make the look fun and cute you could let your hair out and change the high heels to sandals; or playful sneakers. 

* I really hope you guys enjoyed this look and check out my YouTube videos if you haven't yet * I'll see you next time when bring out another summer look. 

I'll see you next time God Bless & LoveBetterxo <3 



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