6 Tips For My Fellow Entrepreneurs

This is my first time writing a lifestyle piece let's see how this goes...
Hello fashion lovers, I'm feeling so pumped to start a new week and I actually have a few tips to help you get into the right state of mind to start your week. The tips are as follows: With everyone wanting to be an Entrepreneur or Millennial and have their own business it can be draining sometimes, actually I'm lying it can be draining MOST times. From the moment we wake up we have to mentally put ourselves in a state of mind for survival. I used the word the survival because sometimes that's what most of us are doing, we're merely just surviving. I know the road to entrepreneurship can be very hard at times and most times some of us don't even know where to start or how to accomplish our goals. So here are a few tips that I use to keep me on track and to keep me sane while driving down this road to financial freedom.

 I know I know easier said than done but really Mondays I believe should make you feel refreshed. Sunday you get some rest and start prepping yourself to go through the week. I see soo many memes on social media that encourage the idea that Mondays are supposed to feel crappy but it's only like that if you believe it is; hence the title of this first tip. Start training your mind to like the idea of Monday coming around, we got boss moves to make! The only way Monday should feel crappy is if you partied the night before and you're still hungover in that case girl/boy you're on your own lol. #StartlovingMondays 

2. Try To Get An Early Start To Your Day: 
Again I know easier said than done but that's why I said "try" lol the keyword is "try" set your alarm a little earlier than you normally would and here's the fun part (and something I like to do) literally throw yourself out of bed. Now for the people who read this and thought they really needed to land on the floor lol that's not what I mean but if it works for you do it! I'm talking more about a push from within similar to the push you give yourself when you're late and you literally have no time to even be late lol. Yeah that push...

3. Try To Get A Little "Me Time" In The Morning: 
  What I mean by that is find something in the morning that you like to indulge in before you go to work. It really sucks to have to wake up thinking about working for someone else, and then go through the day working for someone else; just to come home and have no energy and start the process all over again. If you're asking what "me time" may be, it comes in whatever form you like, whether it's a special coffee you like to drink and you drink it while you flip through your favorite magazine. Or if its a little morning meditation, it can come in the form of music; it can be as simple as your favorite breakfast but if you have a high demand job you have to make time for your "me time" -sorry... 

4. Have a FABULOUS Outfit: 
Now I know this may sound very Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex in the City" but I've come to realize a nice outfit of your choice really goes a long way. It makes you feel confident and I'm pretty sure there's a science behind it, like changing your chemical balance in your brain to feel happy and eager. I just made that up but if I'm right well ...does this mean I'm a professional blogger now? Lol. In a nutshell "You look good, you feel good; and then you do good" I also just made that up but you get what I mean! 

5. Keep Your Goals In Mind: 
I like to use Sundays or the weekend in general to refocus and write down my goals for the week, and with writing them down you have to figure out how many of them realistically can you accomplish that said week. But just keeping your goals in mind really is key, its supposed to keep you motivated and focused on the bigger picture. Also understand that having goals is important as well because it helps you  know what you're working towards. So make sure to have some time where you write down your goals and strategically figure out how you're going to accomplish them. The more you think about them to more you want to accomplish them. 

With all that being said if you really want something you have to find the energy & will to get what you want. You literally only have one life to live and it feels better when you are making everything you want come true. Please try not to find excuses for the things you want to do, train your mind to think positive. Train your body to work and push past the negative. Everyone is entitled to their own happiness so I suggest you get yours, only you can make yourself happy. And for those who don't measure success with being happy, the same concept applies. You should be going after anything you want in life, and you can do it. We are have the ability, so let's get it done; and remember you can do it! 

* I really hope this post finds someone, for that person out there that may feel like they need a little help staying sane while on this journey. I know it's not easy and I know that there are a ton of young professionals who are looking to make our lives the best we can, like I said we are very capable of getting everything we want out of life, it just takes a little more energy, will & push. I respect all upcoming, future, current entrepreneurs and millennials. We can do this, just think positive and take small steps everyday. I hope you enjoyed this post, with much Love <3 God Bless & LoveBetterxo




  1. Amazing tips here for any entrepreneur that’s feeling overwhelmed! I especially like the “me time” tip as we all need that!

  2. So right about changing one's feelings about Mondays. When Mondays come around, I feel so energized and ready to complete small goals for myself.