Double Pineapple.

hey fashion lovers! The summer has been really heating up LITERALLY and with that being said I wanted to bring you a new summer look. Hunny I am giving you bronzed chocolate goddess vibes okay lol. We've literally had 8 consecutive days of heat and honestly yesterday I was soo hot I couldn't even move. With that being said let's get into this outfit. 

  • My pineapple romper is from Rainbows
  • The watch is from "River Dean"
  • Purse Primark
  • Earrings Primark
  • Sunglasses @SolarFlairOptics on Instagram 
  • Sandals Forver21 

And I decided to wear my curls in a pineapple hence the title of this blog post. 

* Let me know what you guys think of this look and if you have time please check me out on YouTube :

* As always God Bless & LoveBetter xo <3



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