"Strut & Slay "

Hey fashion lovers I’m feeling really excited about starting the new week which is very new to me but I love the energy. Funny thing is it’s actually 2:30am in the morning while I’m writing this and to be honest I wrote this blog post about 2 times and each time came out more different than the other. Lol, oh well I guess that’s the life of a blogger, with that being said maybe I should try to keep it simple. Let’s get into this look; shall we?

So when I created this look, I had the outfit already in my mind but I had no idea what I was going to do for hair and makeup. So for the top it’s from Primark and it was only $10! You can’t beat that, Primark really has some amazing finds and prices. The skirt however is from H&M and I believe it was $10 as well because if it was anything more than that you know I wouldn’t have it lol. I’m a bargain shopper and I embrace it to the fullest. My shoes I brought these so long ago from Rainbows in Downtown Boston. With this look I figured I would try something new and get into the fanny pack craze that is going on. 

Knowing me I had to do it differently so here's my go at it. As far as makeup I actually have a YouTube video showing you how I got this look. All you need to know is I started out going for a natural look and then it got colorful and I don''t regret it at all. I hope you guys enjoyed this look, comment down below to let me know what you think. As always God Bless & LoveBetterxo <3 

Check out my latest video on YouTube: 



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