Hot & Minimal

 Hey my Loves I hope all of you are feeling well.  It's been soo hot lately in Boston, it's literally only Wednesday and its been in the 90's. It's so hot that I aspire to have minimal clothing as possible lol. I based this outfit on how I like to dress on the weekends. Typically when I wake up on a Saturday morning I shower, do my skincare routine and if it's summer when it comes to curating an outfit; I try to be wear less clothing as possible. Also I generally enjoy sporty looks as well, sometimes I wear my athletic leggings or biker leggings (pictured in the photos); or just a regular pair of shorts. And this look was no different so let's get into the details.


- sports bar : Forever21
- biker leggings: Forever21
- sandals: Zappos
- fanny pack: Primark
- sunglasses: some random guy selling sunglasses in NYC lol. judge me if you want to, idc!
- SWAG: Hunny that's all me :)

 * SHOUT OUT TO MY PHOTOGRAPHER: @Thatphotokid on Instagram . 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for the ones who keep coming back to check out the blog. And thank you to my new visitors, love you all the same amount.
The message here at "" is to always strive to be the best version of yourself, if you're having a bad week it's only Wednesday so there's still time to turn it around; and if you're having a great week shout out to you Fam <3
- Loveyou all, God Bless & LoveBetterxo <3 <3




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