Getting Ready for Fall with Jord Watches (GIVEAWAY CLOSED)

Hello my Loves it's October and it's officially Fall! I don't know if I've mentioned this on my blog before but I absolutely love the Fall season. Why you ask? 3 reasons:

1) When it comes to fashion you can still try to get away with wearing some summer pieces in the Fall.

2)  Fall fashion is amazing  (accessories included)

3) I really enjoy Fall colors

I  enjoy getting dressed in the Fall because the ways to  accessorize are endless. You can wear so many different types of hats, scarves, gloves, bags and lastly jewelry. If you're one of my closets friends you would know that I don't wear jewelry often and when I do I don't wear alot of it. So much so that I like to wear statement pieces and that's exactly what my Jord watch has been for me.  I love my accessories to do the talking for themselves and my Jord watch gets a little chatty! lol (not literally) But with it's  simple design and it's handcrafted wooden material my Jord watch makes getting ready for the Fall effortless. It fulfills all the areas I need to complete my outfit with confidence which are color, style and making a statement. Once I put my watch on my Jord watch I'm ready to struct & Slay the Fall season. My Jord watch is easily the best accessory I currently own. And what's amazing about this company is that they sell watches for both Men & Women.
 If you are interested is checking out the designs click here:

* Keep reading if you want to find out how to enter the giveaway!!

The watch I'm wearing is the "Zebra & Ivory" color from the Cassia series and if you enter the giveaway you will be able to find the watch that best suits your Fall needs! Here's a link so you can check out some of their awesome designs:   KEEP SCROLLING!

Alright you've made it to the end are here are the giveaway details: 
If you wish to enter the giveaway here's the link to fill out the form: Giveaway Entry Form
* Also throughout the giveaway you will can purchase a watch of your own and when you do you can use the code "lovebetterxo" to take off $25!

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