Sexy & Chic GIRL BOSS!

Hey my Fashion lovers it's been a little while since I've posted some looks for you. I've been busy trying to get back into the school semester and working alot. I've been slowly trying to get back into a routine but it never quite seems to work out. lol. Legit every week I plan out stuff and whether I deliver on it is completely up to me. I feel like the more I plan for things the more random stuff pops up that I have to take care of. The kind of thing has been happening for the past few months. Maybe I'll get it together sometime before the next semester of classes start lmao. But anyways enough of the boring talk. Let's get into this look, but also comment below if you are having scheduling conflicts, and if you're student how are you dealing with the semester. I really want to hear your thoughts. 

Let's get into this look my loves! Alright so with this look I really wanted to show you more of my personality and the kind of looks I like to pull out. I've always seem to show you my cool & comfy style but there's a whole other part that exist and it's time I fully start expressing myself with my fashion. So we begin here with my chic & sexy girl boss look. I knew I've been wanting to wear this pencil dress again and I knew if I wore it again that I would have to do it up right. The stockings is what gives me a little sexy/ mystery feel along with the sexy pencil dress. So quickly here's an outfit break down of where I got everything. 

Outfit Deets: 
 - Pencil dress: Primark 
- Stockings: Primark 
- Coat: Boohoo 
- Bag: Michael Kors 
Watch: River Dean 
- Beret': Amazon 
Heels: Primark 

Also comment down below how you guys think I did with this look, I'm really excited to start blogging again. I honestly missed being around the city taking photos and creating looks. I missed you guys & I hope you missed me too lol. (it's okay if you didn't) Well  until next time...

I hoped you guys enjoyed this outfit, please let me know in the comment section. Let's chat! 

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Love you all God Bless & LoveBetter xo <3 



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