No "Slim" Deal $$$

 "Buurrrrrr" it's getting cold outside!! Hey my fashion lovers, I know I always say this but I've been jammed up at school. I've been really trying my hardest to push out more content but this school semester (just like the other semesters) have been kicking my behind. Honestly lately I've been feeling really tired and emotionally drained. This semester really taught me a lot about myself and how I take my school work.  Even though I did well with my classes I learn that I need to dedicate myself more to my school work, and I am completely comfortable with admitting that. Even though I was busy in this semester I wasn't spending the necessary time on my school work and I wasn't as involved as  I wanted to be. Overall this year has been a good year so maybe I'm just being hard on myself. Comment down below if you've ever felt like this, I'm would love to hear your stories.

But anyways enough about that let's get into this outfit.

Dress: Forever 21 ($10)
Thigh High Boots: Amazon Fashion ($28)
Purse: TJ Maxx ($20)
Shirt: Primark ($7)
Beret': Amazon Fashion ($7)

This outfit is honestly under $80. I tell you guys this all the time I am a bargain shopper, so you know I like to keep y'all up to date with the deals. Next year I want to be able to have everyone shop my looks, it's something I'm thinking about. I hope you guys enjoyed the look and I'll see you next time! 

I hope you guys enjoyed the look , God Bless & LoveBetter xo <3 




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