* New Year Blues....

 Happy New Year my Loves! The new year has already begun and this year I don't feel as happy & motivated as last year. I know a lot of that comes from not bringing in the new year right and with good people & vibes. I hated not being happy on new years eve and I wished I could have celebrated with friends & family. I know it sounds silly that the idea of not bringing in the new year correctly would have an affect on my mood, but honestly it does. I've been doing a lot of thinking, this year I turn 25 and that's a pretty big deal to me. Turning 25 means that 
1. I'm not getting any younger (It's all up from here lol)
2. I'm going to be faced with some really big responsibilities  
3. I need to really start shaping and planning out my life so that the pieces I hold fall into place.
I'm actually really worried, but I had a great 2018 year. I was featured in major outlets:

1. Huffington Post :
2. Marie Claire' Magazine
3. Boston Voyager 
while making other statements throughout the year, but something inside me worries that this year might not be my best all because I didn't start it with my best foot forward. So I'm deciding to start here! I'm changing my mood and I'm going to push myself to be the best version of myself, I'm going to change my attitude about things and just grind. I'm going to do my best to push off this negative energy I've been feeling, and  find my tribe. With that being said I would like to share some of my 2019 GOALLLLLSSSS HUNNNAYYYY!! 

* MY 2019 GOALS *
1. To continue to further my education, most people don't know that I am in school for psychology. They see me on social media and they don't realize that I'm not just my Instagram. I actually have a strong passion for helping people with mental health issues. So I will be finishing up a degree this year.
2. To push myself more with school & my coursework. I'm learning to get better with completing my school work in a timely manner, I know last semester I was slacking so I want to push myself to do better with that. 
3. Personal goal: is to continue to remove toxic people from my life, sometimes you just have to let go of people especially if they don't fit into every aspect of your life. 
4. TRAVEL MORE! That speaks for itself.
5. Make sure to celebrate turning 25
6. Get more job experience in the psychology field
7. Start working out again and eat clean
8. Start working on my organization 
9. Put on an event 
10. Be featured in another magazine

These are some of my 2019 goals, I'm not the type of person who waits for a new year to start a goal, I usually start when I think of it, but for the sake of this blog post these are some things I would like to get done this year. I think it's fair to say that I HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO. But also a lot can get done in a year. 

As I said before, welcome to 2019, let's get things done. Although I started the year on a sad note I'm ready to make the necessary changes in my life and it may not start tonight or tomorrow, but I know I will do it. Let's make this year a great one and I hope you enjoyed this post. I like being personal/intimate with my readers. I hope this finds someone and let's them know that we are allowed to have our moments but we shouldn't stay down. I'll see you in the next post God Bless & LoveBetter <3 

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