10 Tips On How To Find The Best AirBnb For Vacation #AirBnb

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog, I hope everyone is in good spirits. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I've  been traveling a lot and if you know me well you know that I do not stay in hotels anymore. I know that sounds really crazy but it's true! I haven't stayed in a hotel in years! Yeah I don't stay in hotels anymore I stay in AirBnb's!
What inspired me to write this post is because I get a ton of questions about where I stay when I go on vacation & when I'm on vacation I usually get comments saying "that hotel is nice...wait ...is it a hotel?" So here I am to answer the questions and while doing that I figured I'd write some tips on how to find the best AirBnb for you. And I will be sharing my coupon code for anyone who is interested in trying out AirBnb after reading this post.

* MY AIRBNB CODE: https://www.airbnb.com/c/tatiannas4?currency=USD 

BUT FIRST...What Is An AirBnb?

The name may sound funny to some people but if you look at the second half of the name "BnB" it's just like what you already know to be an BnB (Bread & Breakfast). The twist is you're staying in someone's real home. What AirBnb was able to do is take that idea and make it so much bigger, these AirBnb's are being run just like a hotel. From check in times, to service fees, to the cleaning up after you leave; it's pretty much a hotel without having to wait in line to check in. There's no room service but you are welcomed to use the host's kitchen to make you a meal or to store your food. AirBnb tend to be cheaper than a hotel and the best part I believe is the open communication that you can have with the host. For example if your plane is landing at 12 noon and check in is not until 3pm. You can communicate that early with your host and they can potentially accommodate for that and let you come in the house early or have someone leave you the key in case the host needs to go to work or simply just won't be around at that time. Alright now that we have an idea of what an AirBnb is can we get into my tips for finding the best AirBnb for vacation? Ready? Lets do it...


This might be the most important tip because in order to know what kind of options you may need to have, you need to know how much are you willing to spend.  If there are 2 people in total going on the trip then you might not want to spend more than $300 between the both of you. So when you first go into the app or look at the website from your computer know how much you want to spend before going in, because it also sets a mental boundary for you as well.


This is really important too, you need to have an idea of where you want to stay. Usually if I know I'm going on vacation and I won't be driving I try to find AirBnb's that are located close to where everything is, for example when a friend and I traveled to Washington D.C we stayed in a central location so that we could get to everything. Our Uber rides on that trip were no more than $6 and that was amazing! When you select a potential "entire house" or even a room read the details about the place and scroll to the bottom where is has a picture of the map and it will give you a ball park of the area that specific AirBnb is in. They don't tell you exactly where it is (until you book it) for safety reasons. Yeah so know where you would like to stay.


Going back to that open communication, make sure if you are having concerns about a reservation to communicate all your questions when the host, and if you aren't getting responses from them then move on the next option. For example (yes I pretty much have examples for all these tips lol) when I went to Puerto Rico recently I needed to ask my host if they AirBnb had running hot water for the showers, because if you know Puerto Rico had a hurricane Maria so there was a chance that some things were not still the same after that. So just the little things you need to ask if it's not already on the list of amenities, even if something is on the list you still should ask for the little specifics, like does your AirBnb have AC etc. Keep that line of communication open you never know your host might surprise you!


What I mean by read all the details I mean to read the full description and see if everything is to your liking, all AirBnb's have lengthy description about their apartment and their rules. A lot of AirBnb's will give you a break down and they will says things like "no loud music" or "no smoking inside the house" or even "no extra people" and if there are extra people you would need to pay extra money per night. So take into account those things because if you're traveling with friends and are looking to throw a party at the house most likely you won't be able to. You can still have a party just not in their house lol. It's also about having respect for their property as well you wouldn't want someone to break the rules of your house either. So in other words read the fine print! descriptions can be found at the top of the page.


I cannot stress how important this is, this tip applies to anything in life. Always read the reviews reading someone's personal experience with a a company or in this case a host is very necessary. I always find that you can find small hidden concerns in what people are saying and when you see it you'll know where to go from there. Reviews can be found at the bottom of the page after the map.


Always use the filters in order to get the best findings based on your trip details. MAKE SURE THE "DATES" FILTER IS SELECTED!! That would be the worst finding the perfect place and then finding out it's not available to book for the dates you needed. Then you have to start over. 


When looking into your AirBnb you should make sure that there are a good numbers of photos of the space. If you're looking through the photos and you notice there are only 5 photos you can either message the host and ask for more or simply leave it alone all together. A host that wants you to be comfortable will include lots of photos, 10 or more photos is a good place to start. Here are photos you should be looking for photos of the kitchen, bathroom(s), bedroom(s),  garage, hallways, patio area (if they have one), backyard if there is one just to name a few.  


This is more in regard of checking to see how long the listing has been available for, and how long ago the host started using AirBnb most of the OG of host started in 2015 I believe. It's not to say that the new ones don't know what they are doing but just keep in eye out for that sort of things. Also the host has a profile make sure to check out their profile and look to see if their ID and other verification are there. 


Just because they are opening up their home to you doesn't mean it's clean.. I'm going to leave that thought right there lol. 


I'll try to keep this one short, know what kind of space are you looking for. Are you looking for an entire house, or just a room inside the house? Do you plan or doing most of the lounging in the AirBnb? Or are you looking for a place to throw your bags so you can go explore? Also what are you willing to compromise and what's a must! like a pool, hot tub etc? Are you trying to take pictures to flex for the gram? Keep these things in mind. 

* * ALRIGHT I've done a lot of talking I hope you found these tips helpful. As I mentioned before I will be leaving my code for people who have not made an account and want to give AirBnb a try!

Here is my link: MY AIRBNB CODE

I hope you enjoyed these tips and I'll see you on the next travel post! 
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    1. Thank you so much! I am sorry I am just now seeing this. Please reach out if you need any more travel info for AirBnb or travel in general. I hope all is well :)

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