5 Things the Last 6 Months Taught Me...

Hey y'all so this post doesn't have any particular structure to it, I'm literally just writing with no planning. So if it sounds like I wrote this at 11:20pm at night, that's exactly what happened lol. So let's get into it, I've done a lot of thinking in the last few days and I realized I learned soo much about myself and about life. I've been learning different lessons throughout the year, some that I knew were happening and others I was unaware of. None of less I have all my lessons under my belt and I'm ready to start opening up and sharing more about my life. I want to let everyone know who's reading that I'm sharing these things because I hope that is inspires someone today,tonight or even tomorrow. I'm sharing this because I have a strong belief in being open about your struggles to fully embrace what happened to you and knowing that in due time everything you've embraced will become your strength. So for real let's really get into it, here are _ things the last 6 months taught me:

 So I may seem dramatic with my bold text and my 3 exclamation points but this is some real life tea for ya. All my life I thought that certain things just couldn't or wouldn't happen to me and some things I was right about, most things I was not right about.  I use to think that I have control over the different situations that I never wanted to be involved in. And yes sometimes that is true but then other times God has a funny way of showing you "that could be you." So let's just say this year has really knocked me on my behind and has shown me that YES GIRL anything can happen to you. To make a long story short  I've been through some things this year that has humbled me. And I'm honestly grateful for it because it lets me know that  I'm not perfect and I never desire to be. Bad things will happen but  I can still come out on top. So now I walk around and live my life by anything can happen, but also I know I have the power to change my outcome.

This was a big one for me because I've never felt so free in my life before. I've been able to gain wisdom and knowledge through embracing my freedom. Not having an attachments to individuals romantically has been a really great thing.(Sorry to the men that love me) But it's great not to have to worry about if I'm doing something wrong, or if I may hurt this person's feelings. Now don't get me wrong I'm not a selfish person or at least not in the context of hurting people. I'm not that kind of selfish, but I am honest, straight forward, direct in my intentions and 100% not a sugar coater lol. (IDK if I spelled that right, I probably didn't because it's not a real word) But owning my freedom does not just involve romantically, it's means career wise as well. I left my job about 2 months ago and in a time where the majority would run around like a chicken with their head cut off, I find peace & enjoyment in down time that I've had. Now I will say it may not be for everyone, but I've always loved to live my life carefree. In this time I've noticed 3 things #1. development in my character, #2. a new level of patience unlocked; and #3. I gained some wisdom & knowledge. And I'll leave this thought here it has been amazing for me.

I need you to believe me when I say for more than the 6 months I have been beating myself up about trying to hurry and advance in my career. I've preached about taking your time and moving at your own pace but it happens to the best of us. Social media really sells a dream that a lot of people including myself want. But I know I want it in my own way, I want it on my own terms. With that being said that doesn't mean that sometimes I don't get tripped up, I would be lying if I said I don't. Now my situation has to do with me needing to understand that I don't have to feel like I'm not doing anything just because my work doesn't look like someone else's. In this time I've really put pressure on myself and every single time I did that I was shown that it doesn't reap anything, in fact I'm stagnant. When I finally let go and let time play its part I find that I am more focused on doing what I need to and I am able to be in a head space to get more work done. Sometimes when I try to force myself to be something I'm not I don't get anything out of it. It's not until moments like now where I am able to write a full blog post without stopping or any prep. heyyyy look at me now. So my advice to anyone out there that may be feeling like this, continue to take your time and really think about what you want.

This one is pretty simple in the past 6 months I am 1 step closer to getting the things I want in life. I've made schedules, plans, set up meetings, and I've sat back and reflected on what I really want. Without distractions and other people's inputs, just me. And I can say I'm honestly closer to get what I want.

LOL this one is more so for comedy but I realize this about myself too. It's the honest truth, I do posse a smart mouth and I cannot help it y'all. Sometimes I say the wrong things at the wrong time too. I'm working on it. Bare with me people that are my friends lol. LoveYall. <3

So there it is y'all here are "5 Things the Last 6 Months Taught Me" I hope you enjoyed this lifestyle piece, I have more coming this month and forever. I really enjoyed writing this and I embraced the process it took me to write this. I was thinking last night to myself I want to write a new blog post and this idea just popped into my mind and I went with it; and here we are. I hope you were able to find a little bit of you inside this piece, or even a little inspiration. I always aim to inspire and shed light on real issues that happen to us as humans. God Bless you all & remember to #LoveBetter


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