Salinas De Cobo Rojo, Puerto Rico (Salt Flats)

Some might call me obsessed with Puerto Rico and I might actually agree with them, scratch that I will agree I AM OBSESSED. Every time I go I experience something new and I fall more in love with this beautiful island. The people, the food, the culture and the adventure is all what keeps bringing me back every year. I recently came back from my 3rd time going and I can honestly say this has been the best one yet. Me and my photographer/ best friend flew to San Juan for the 3rd time and we stayed in the area Santurce, a very historical neighborhood in Puerto Rico. I'll get more into the details of that in the next blog post. Right now I'm going to focus on all the fun I had while traveling to La Parguera area. So we hopped in the car around 6AM for our 2 hour drive, while driving we were blessed with amazing views, we legit had the GoPro on basically the whole ride lol. I didn't want to miss anything!! After we did our excursion for the day we drove for 30 min to the Salinas Salt Flats which was like a 30 min drive from where we were coming from. So let's get into some details about what you need to know when visiting.

1. Understanding when you've reached the salt flats. I wish I actually took a photo of the entrance so you could have something to reference when you try attempt to visit. What I will say if you've reached the light house then you went too far. I made that mistake of driving all the way to the light house and I kept thinking to myself "I think we passed it already" and I was right, the very entrance I kept staring at while we were driving by, was the very entrance to the Salt flats.

2. It needs to be sunny outside in order for you to see the pink hue. When I went the day was sunny outside and that was perfect. What I will also say is because you are on a island the light tends to change alot so when you first start driving to it and it's cloudy that could very much change in 20-30 min again. So plan accordingly in my situation I was driving to it for 2 hours from San Juan area so keep in mind where you are traveling from.

3. Tons of mosquitoes!!! I don't know if the area is normally like that but when we went  it felt like we were being attacked by mosquitoes like they were no stop! I had so many bites all across my back and shoulders. It 99.99% of the reason why we only stayed in the Salt flats for about 15 minutes tops! I went to see the wonder, took a few photos and left. I couldn't take it and I was so itching but it is a really cool place so don't let that stop you from checking it out.

4. There are tours that are offered...You would need to schedule the tour but I know the Wildlife Rufuge in Cabo Rojo. You can learn all about the indigenous people who have been mining salt thousands of years in that area. This is something I actually wanted to do but I had a jam packed day full of adventures so I had to keep moving along.

Here is a website that you can get a brief overview of what you can expect from visiting the Salt Flats, I plan on taking another trip to Puerto Rico in June so I will be doing the tour next time. I hope you found this information helpful, please let me know in the comments if you found this information helpful.

I hope all is well with everyone, and make sure you travel the world and experience what LIFE has to offer. God Bless & LoveBetterxo <3




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