What's the Occasion?: Two Piece and Open toe

Hey girl hey, (my unisex greeting)
I found this awesome two piece set on BooHoo.com and I love it! I can honestly say it looks just as great on me as it did on the model. What are the chances right? When I saw this 2 piece set I thought to myself yes let's do it, and then my next thought was what kind of event could I wear this outfit too. So if you're thinking about purchasing this two piece my suggestions on places to wear it are as follows:


1. A speaking engagement (depends on the kind and what you're position is in it)
2. A babyshower (you can dress it up and down)
3. You can even make it a day look for when you're going out with friends (dress it up or down)
4. Networking event
5. Date?
6. Anywhere you have to look nice, but you don't want to try hard looking for an outfit, this two piece does all the work.

MAKEUP:  just pair this  outfit with some nice natural makeup (if you wear makeup, your natural face as great too) The makeup depends on the event you're going to. when I did this makeup look I wanted natural on my complexion but then I made my eyes pop, simply because that's the effect I wanted to have. The under eye eye-shadow I think makes me seem a little more interesting. lol

HAIR: To wear it up or down? Well that depends on the type of event you're going to and how you want to be perceived at the event. Hair up to me means you're about your business and you're ready to do whatever is necessary. It also shows a sense of you're engaged in what ever it taking place. Hair down to me translate that you are ready to be have a good time, and you are a little more relaxed. (Depending on the event you are at) Truth be told hair down is flirty too and that's never a bad thing. (You never know who you may find out there so you always gotta stay ready lol) In case it's not clear I represent also my single ladies out there lol.

SHOES: So when I thought about the places I would wear this outfit I instantly thought an open toed shoe is perfect, no matter where you're going. I believe a closed toe shoe would close off the look and for me that's not the message I want to send. But to each it's own. I'm also a firm believer in comfort so pick the shoes that gives you that and a little bit more too.

BAG: okay for this particular outfit because of the structure that is involved, it may be a little hard trying to find the perfect bag to wear with it. I chose to keep it simple and grab my black strapless bag, it literally is a hand bag because I just hold it all day or night lol. I went simple because I wanted to follow the same theme as my shoes and my hair, my whole outfit is doing all the work for me; so I thought it was best to keep it simple.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and I want to also take the time to say that I am open to helping women and men with their styling needs. If you have somewhere you are going and would like a second or even a third opinion on the final touches or the direction you are going with your outfit. Feel free to get in contact with me. In my next blog post I should have a way to do so, until then please everyone stay safe. I hope all of you are feeling well and continuing to get up everyday and strive for more. God Bless & LoveBetter <3